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21st Century Counseling From the Couch to the Computer: Using Videoconferencing to: Pioneer a New Frontier in Mental Health

Presented by Suzanne Hughes, LMFT - 2 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
Over the last decade, a 21st century approach to therapy has emerged. Phone therapy was devoid of the all-important nonverbal cues that can be informative in the therapeutic relationship. With non-verbal body language now visible, therapy over the computer has become a reality. This seminar examines the research related to the use of video-therapy, its ethical and legal implications, and provides practical “how-to” guide for those interested in the technology. Using outcome based studies, personal experience, and a live demonstration; this seminar will provide therapists with the tools to understand and examine the research, and to incorporate it into a therapist’s practice.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will have be able to:
1. Identify the three HIPPA-compliant video/counseling sites;
2. Recognize three Ethical and Legal issues in Telemedicine;
3. Identify the barriers and limitations of Telemedicine;
4. Observe two Evidence-based studies on Tele Therapy.