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Hacking Power, Influence and Confidence

Presented by Julie Hayden, Psy.D. - No CE Hours

Workshop Description:

Your guide to the truth of first impressions. Discover the halo effect and primacy effect and how to use them in your favor as you embark on your career as a person of confidence and influence, even as new counselor in the field. Many skills will come together in this presentation to be used in job interviews, networking, and interacting with other professionals. Topics will include verbal and non-verbal communication, power posturing, managing anxiety, assertiveness skills, self-assessment, and portraying confidence. Learn the questions and statements you can use to get ahead or be brushed aside. Find out how to hack your nervous reactions to awkward situations. Use counseling techniques that apply just as well to networking and job interviews. Walk away with confidence, ready to tackle the next steps for your future.