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The Narcissistic/Borderline Couple: New Approach to Marital Therapy

Presented by Joan Lachkar, PhD - 3 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
This intermediate level presentation draws from many theoretical perspectives including classical psychoanalysis, self-psychology, ego psychology, object relations, attachment theory, contemporary theorists and others. It describes various kinds of “complainers” when a complaint is a complaint, when used for evacuation, and how to “listen” to the complaintas they link to various personality disorders. It also includes many treatment points and procedures as it offers specific procedures and techniques to explain the psychodynamics of the couplee.g., why couples stay in painful destructive, on-going behaviors also known as traumatic bonding or “the dance.” Aside from this work, it has applicability to all kinds of couples including cross-cultural couples.

Not for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this session participants will be able to:
1. Explain the couples’ mutual projections and how each one tends to identity or over-identify with the negative projections of the other;
2. Describe how old archaic injuries (“V’ spot”) impairs the couples’ current perspective of reality (judgment, perception, reality testing);
3. Utilize the different perspectives to draw from different procedures and techniques to know when and how to interpret, confront or intervene during couples counseling.