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Effective CBT Approaches for Treating Panic Disorders

Presented by Jennifer Shannon, M.A., LMFT 2.5 CE Hours

Workshop Description
Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a proven fast and effective treatment for panic and agoraphobia. The active ingredient to this treatment is exposure to feared sensations. When exposure to panic is used, both client and therapist white knuckle their way through the practice. This will get in the way of corrective learning. To get the full benefit of the interventions, therapist and client must learn to cultivate a welcoming stance towards panic symptoms. This hands-on experiential workshop teaches the nuts and bolts of exposure therapy and gives you the confidence to effectively deliver it.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this workshop, attendees will be able to:
1. Assess panic disorder and agoraphobia understanding differential diagnosis.
2. Demonstrate a clear understanding of exposure therapy for panic and agoraphobia and ability to explain this to clients.
3. Create collaborative exposure hierarchies with clients.
4. Conduct exposures during sessions and assign homework between sessions.