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Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy

Presented by Mervin J. Maier, LMFT, M.A. 6CE Hours

Workshop Description:
Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP) is a family-based treatment model developed by Dr. Daniel Hughes. DDP focuses on facilitating the child’s ability to establish secure attachment with his/her caregivers. Participants will actively learn the principles of DDP and the use of PACE (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy) to co-regulate the affect associated with past experiences and then to co-construct new meanings of these experiences. Attendees will become DDP informed through didactic presentation, video, and instructor case examples.

Learning Objectives:
  1. Describe why secure attachment is a protective factor against trauma.
  2. Describe the domains of impairment for children experiencing developmental trauma.
  3. Identify the three core features of secondary inter-subjectivity.
  4. Describe the nature of PACE in the treatment of developmental trauma.
  5. Identify open and engaged vs. defensive relative to Porges’ Polyvagal theory.
  6. Describe elements of the Affective/Reflective Dialogue.
  7. Explain how DDP helps the co-regulation of affect and co-creation of meaning.

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