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What EVERY Therapist Should Know About Insurance and Telehealth Billing


This essential webinar will cover what therapists need to know about insurance, even if they never join a health plan. The latest information on telehealth coverage will be presented. The pros and cons of joining plans and how to get in the door at "full” plans will be outlined, plus what out-of-network therapists should know (ex. that just giving a superbill opens the therapist's treatment for review by the plan).

Attendees will learn 14 critical questions to ask when checking coverage, tips for avoiding denials, and the secret to getting more treatment approved. Out-of-network therapists will learn two ways to keep new insurance clients.

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

  1. Define basic insurance concepts, and better understand how it works, in order to better educate clients, advocate for their care, and avoid treatment disruption. 
  2. Identify the most common therapist mistake that leads to treatment/claim denials 
  3. Summarize 2 therapist choices regarding involvement with health plans, the pros and cons of each, and how to join insurance panels 
  4. Describe how "medical necessity" criteria is used by health plans, enabling therapists to document care appropriately and advocate on behalf of clients for continuing care


  • Barbara Griswold, LMFT

    Barbara Griswold, LMFT is the author of Navigating the Insurance Maze: The Therapist’s Complete Guide to Working with Insurance -- And Whether You Should, now in its 8th edition, and publishes a newsletter What EVERY Therapist Should Know About Insurance. In private practice in San Jose, California, Barbara provides consultations to therapists nationwide. She has been interviewed on NPR's “Morning Edition," and her articles have appeared in Psychotherapy Networker and The Therapist magazines. Her mission is to help therapists feel as confident about the business of their practices as they do about their therapy. She invites members to contact her at her website,

May 15, 2021
Sat 11:20 AM PDT

Duration 1H 0M

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