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September/October 2021 The Therapist In Professional Exchange

Learning Objectives-Upon completion of the articles, are you able to:
1. Define and discuss how Mediation/Facilitated Conversation techniques are valuable professional skills for Marriage and Family Therapists and other mental health professionals.
2. Outline the EMBRACE© (Equity, Mediation, Belonging, Racism, Accountability Conversations [in] Educational Institutions as a modified Mediation/Facilitated Conversation model.
3. Identify the importance of developing comfort and competency in talking about racism, other “isms” and systemic racism with clients/participants.
4. Define the personal shadow and identify three unconscious shadows of age in clients 50+.
5. Name the primary shadow character that denies age.
6.Describe how to complete a traditional life review, a life review of the unlived life in the shadow, and the potential developmental shift from role to soul.
7. List three behaviors needed for clients to complete spiritual unfinished business.
8. Define the hallmarks of a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) as well as Cultural Competency in regards to treating clients who report STEs.
9. Outline challenges in working with clients who have experienced STEs and techniques to support clients who may be struggling to integrate their experiences.
10. Review assessment tools and safety protocols for working with clients who are impacted by STEs.
11. Discuss 3 specific techniques to encourage integration and growth

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This test is valid for obtaining continuing education hours until October 31, 2022. CAMFT is recognized as a CE Provider by the Board of Behavioral Sciences for LMFTs, LEPs, LPCCs, and LCSWs (16 C.C.R. §1887.4.3(3)(D)).

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