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September/October 2021 The Therapist In Professional Exchange

Learning Objectives-Upon completion of the articles, are you able to:
  • Define and discuss how Mediation/Facilitated Conversation techniques are valuable professional skills for Marriage and Family Therapists and other mental health professionals.
  • Outline the EMBRACE© (Equity, Mediation, Belonging, Racism, Accountability Conversations [in] Educational Institutions as a modified Mediation/Facilitated Conversation model.
  • Identify the importance of developing comfort and competency in talking about racism, other “isms” and systemic racism with clients/participants.
  •  Define the personal shadow and identify three unconscious shadows of age in clients 50+.
  • Name the primary shadow character that denies age.
  • Describe how to complete a traditional life review, a life review of the unlived life in the shadow, and the potential developmental shift from role to soul.
  • List three behaviors needed for clients to complete spiritual unfinished business.
  • Define the hallmarks of a Spiritually Transformative Experience (STE) as well as Cultural Competency in regards to treating clients who report STEs.
  •  Outline challenges in working with clients who have experienced STEs and techniques to support clients who may be struggling to integrate their experiences.
  • Review assessment tools and safety protocols for working with clients who are impacted by STEs.
  • Discuss 3 specific techniques to encourage integration and growth

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This test is valid for obtaining continuing education hours until October 31, 2022. CAMFT is recognized as a CE Provider by the Board of Behavioral Sciences for LMFTs, LEPs, LPCCs, and LCSWs (16 C.C.R. §1887.4.3(3)(D)).

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