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Facing Fears: Exposure Therapy for Anxiety Disorders

Presented by Amy Jenks, PsyD and Benjamin Tucker, MS, BCBA - 6 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
 Exposure therapy is an effective treatment for anxiety disorders. However, only 12% of therapists ever receive this training and only 30% of clients with anxiety disorders receive this treatment.This intensive workshop is designed for therapists who are interested in using exposure therapy but have encountered barriers to using it. We will address these barriers and offer the opportunity to learn how to conduct exposure therapy with a variety of anxiety disorders.More advanced therapists will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills, learn creative ways to incorporate exposure into treatment, and practice functional analysis.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this intensive workshop participants will be able to:
1. Describe the principles of habituation, negative reinforcement, extinction, and inhibitory learning.
2. Demonstrate how to conduct a functional analysis and how to introduce clients to exposure therapy.
3. Identify behavioral case formulation, family accommodation issues, hierarchy development, and exposure therapy skills.
4. Describe how exposure can be adapted to various anxiety disorders.