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Insurance and Your Practice: What EVERY Therapist Needs to Know

Presented by Barbara Griswold, LMFT - 2 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
Since 2014, Obamacare has brought insurance to millions of previously uninsured clients, and led Medi-Cal to open the door to MFTs and interns. But how might this and other changes in the insurance world affect you? Will it get harder to maintain a private pay-only practice? Discover what every therapist should know ab out insurance, even if you never join an insurance plan, including how to keep new clients even when you aren’t on their plan, a strategy for getting in the door at “full” insurance plans, the 13 essential questions to ask when checking coverage, tips for avoiding costly denials, and the secret to getting more treatment approved. This workshop will help you make your services more accessible to clients of all socioeconomic backgrounds, and help you successfully advocate for your clients with insurance.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. State an overview of the Affordable Care Act and how it may affect our clients.
2. Recognize how to join insurance plans, and participation choices, including Medi-Cal.
3. Identify the most important difference between a HMO and a PPO plan—and why it matters.
4. Identify ways the Affordable Care Act and Parity Acts affect therapy clients and providers.
5. Prepare a CMS-1500 claim form correctly to avoid denials and treatment disruption.
6. Identify how client confidentiality may be affected when an insurance plan is billed.
7. Define the concept of “Medical Necessity” as it relates to getting approval for ongoing care.
8. List 13 important questions to ask when checking coverage to avoid future denials.
9. Identify 5 common billing practices that are actually insurance fraud.