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Assessing and Treating PTSD and Related Problems with Veterans

Presented by Sonya Norman, PhD - 6 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
This workshop will familiarize participants with critical issues in treating Veterans with PTSD and their family members. Participants will learn about military culture, assessment methods, and evidence based treatments for PTSD and about common co-occurring problems such as substance use, traumatic brain injury (TBI), aggression, and guilt. Participants will learn methods to help patients with TBI succeed in treatment. While the scope of this workshop does not allow for participants to be fully competent in delivering evidence based treatments for PTSD, an extensive list of resources will be shared for helping care for Veterans and their family members.

Learning Objectives:
Upon Completion of this workshop, attendees will be able to:
  1. List key features of military culture therapists treating Veterans should know;
  2. Identify what constitutes a traumatic stressor necessary for PTSD diagnosis;
  3. List two methods for assessing PTSD symptoms and diagnosis;
  4. Describe the prevalence of trauma exposure and PTSD symptoms among Veterans