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How Processwork Bridges the Art and Science of Helping Self and World

Presented by Amy Mindell, PhD and Arnold Mindell, PhD - 2 CE Hours

Workshop Description:

In this introductory to advanced level session, the Mindells present Process Oriented Psychology or Processwork, a tested and widely applicable cross cultural theory and art for inner work, relationship and large group situations. This work includes focus on skills, "metaskills", and process stage awareness. Expect them to demonstrate the differences between democracy and deep democracy in relationship and world conflict. They will show with inner experience, how to apply the art of this work.
Each person and group has their own methods. The processwork approach includes many of these methods and explains the science needed to understand, and your special art that makes this sciencemost effective in inner and world work.

Learning Objectives:

Upon conclusion of the session, participants will be able to:
1. Understand the difference between Democracy and “Deep Democracy;”
2. Appreciate the need for a therapy that applies to inner, relationship and large group experience;
3. Understand and try to sense one of the deepest metaskills, i.e., a most useful “art."

Not for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors.