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When Pornography Becomes is an Issue

Presented by Marty Klein, PhD, LMFT - 6 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
When clients use pornography self-destructively, are we observing anxiety disorders? Addiction? Intimacy issues? Asperger’s? Couples therapy often criticizes porn use while legitimizing the grievances of the porn consumer’s partner. How do we help both partners as they struggle around issues of trust, fidelity, privacy, and autonomy? This introductory to advanced level workshop focuses on treating intrapsychic conflicts and power struggles over porn use. How is conflict about pornography used to avoid confronting a sexual relationship’s deficits? How might one or both partners be acting out body image issues? Is “porn addiction” a helpful concept? What do neuro-imaging studies say? Does healthy porn use exist?

Learning Objectives:
At the conclusion of the workshop, attendees will be able to: 
1. Describe common assumptions of therapists about pornography and its use;
2. Explain how to support both partners when a couple is in conflict about porn use;
3. Demonstrate how to help couples discuss the deficits in their sexual relationship;
4. Critique the usefulness of the “porn addiction” model;
5. Utilize the concept of “porn literacy” in helping clients;
6. Discuss potential counter transference issues in working with these cases.

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