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Healing Trauma in African American Urban Youth Through Support & Care

Presented by Matthew Reddam, MS, LMFT; Anh T. Ta, MS, LMFT; and James E. Thompson, MA - 3 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
This workshop offers an introductory level course into the Trauma Awareness Group (TAG) curriculum as an alternative to traditional group therapy paradigms. The TAG curriculum counters the effects of traditional models through de-stigmatization, normalization, and building ownership. This TAG workshop will include: psycho-education on trauma and the brain through the lens of complex trauma, somatic experience, and attachment, self-regulation, and competency (ARC) models; how to incorporate culturally responsiveness strategies for supporting urban African American youth and other ethnic minorities with complex trauma; and a step by step walk through of TAG curriculum with emphasis on practical examples of culturally responsive strategies and interventions focused on normalizing, de-stigmatizing, and regulating complex trauma in schools and the community.

Not for Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselors

Learning Objectives:
At the end of this session participants will be able to:
1. Identify one to three ways trauma affects the brain;
2. Identify three responses of trauma;
3. Identify four culturally specific elements addressed by the trauma curriculum;
4. Identify four strategies in providing culturally responsive treatment.