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Couples on the Brink

Presented by Terry Real, LICSW 2 CE Hours

Workshop Desctiption:
The secret to helping couples in therapy have a powerful, transformative experience is getting them to deeply explore---while in each other's presence---their own character structure and family-of-origin trauma.
For therapists, this process involves (1) arriving at the couple's relational diagnosis, (2) helping them to articulate their repeating loops, (3) getting the backstory of their childhood adaptation, (4) imaginatively re-parenting each inner child, (5) loving confrontation, and (6) helping each partner master new skills.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of this presentation, attendees will be able to:
1. Quickly arrive at a clear map of the repeating loop the couple is mired in.
2. Use their relational diagnosis to wake them up to their patterns of dysfunction and wish to connect.
3. Introduce relational skills like having good boundaries, speaking up for oneself with love, and responding to criticism non-defensively with a generous heart.