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HIV/AIDS: Support and Care

Presented by John Sovec, LMFT, 7 CE Hours

Workshop Description
This workshop will explore the needs of the HIV/AIDS community from a current perspective. Clinicians will learn the historical context of the disease, the science of transmission, the process of testing, medical management, and current prevention strategies, which will then be applied to the needs of clients in a mental health care setting. Issues of disclosure, stigma, dating, intimacy and sex will be explored with specific clinical approaches to these challenging conversation. Clinicians will learn to apply these concepts in communities of color, aging populations, and with female clients. 

Learning Objectives
1. Demonstrate knowledge of HIV/AIDS definitions and nomenclature.
2. Describe the seven steps of the life cycle of HIV and the transmission process.
3. Name three current treatment options for HIV/AIDS reflective of application to differing populations.
4. Describe five techniques on how to discuss the therapeutic process with HIV positive communities, understanding the primary issues of stigma, disclosure, and living with a chronic disease.
5. Identify the multiple contexts and circumstances of HIV disclosure and considerations that arise in each of these contexts.
6. Name four strategies for safer sex conversations and awareness of PrEP to reduce virus transmission.
7. Identify four key elements of displaying procedural skills in a respectful and clinically sound manner to protect the confidentiality of HIV positive clients.
8. Name four concepts discussed during the workshop to the clinical setting with respect to cultural and social constructs.

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