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Opioid Epidemic & Marijuana on Psychotherapy Practices

Presented by Timothy Fong, MD - 4 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
This presentation will review two timely and important topics in addiction psychiatry that faces every therapist managing the opioid epidemic and addressing the impact of legalizing marijuana in clinical practice. The focus of this presentation will be to provide an overview of opiates and marijuana so that clinicians can better understand intoxication, addiction and recreational patterns of use. Emphasis will be placed on mastering screening techniques to identify risky use and how to deliver evidenced-based office-based technique to prevent and treatment opioid and cannabis use disorders.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this online workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Describe signs and symptoms of opioid and cannabis use disorders.
2. Summarize screening, prevention and treatment techniques to use in the office for clients with opioid and cannabis use disorders.
3. List the reasons why the opioid epidemic persists in the United States.
4. Explain how the impact of legalized marijuana will impact clients presenting to office based mental health treatment.