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EMDR and the Dynamics of Change

Presented by Claire Mauer, LMNCC - 5 CE Hours

Workshop Description:
While EMDR is best known for its treatment of trauma, it has developed into a comprehensive psychotherapy approach that treats a broad spectrum of presenting issues across clinical populations. This workshop is for practitioners who are interested in learning more about this highly effective, evidence-based approach that can be readily integrated into one’s clinical practice. Participants will learn how the Three- Pronged Protocol is applied to identify and process past experiences that inform the client’s current symptoms, neutralize present triggers, and establish more adaptive responses for the future. Case studies will be presented to illustrate this powerful and effective psychotherapy approach.

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1Apply the Adaptive Information Processing Model of EMDR to conceptualize the client’s presenting problem and develop a treatment plan.
2. Identify clinical themes of Responsibility, Safety and Power to inform case conceptualization and treatment planning.
3. Identify relevant past experiences that are informing the client’s current symptoms through the application of the Float back technique.
4. Effectively manage dual awareness between past and present, allowing the client to effectively process an experience.
5. Identify EMDR’s Three-pronged Protocol of Past, Present and Future to effectively implement a comprehensive treatment plan with clients.