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CAMFT's New Year Membership Update--Strategic Plan & Medicare

The New Year is off to an exciting start! On December 30th, President Biden signed into law the Omnibus Bills Package, which codifies MFTs as Medicare providers effective January 1, 2024! This historic law will benefit millions of Medicare recipients providing access to Marriage and Family Therapists. This webinar will address two phases of CAMFT’s Medicare effort;

  • Phase 1 - passage of the legislation
  • Phase 2 – regulatory implementation
We know members have many questions on the latter phase, and we’re just getting started.This webinar will provide you with resources to stay informed on the progress of federal regulatory work ahead for MFTs and Medicare.

This free webinar will also provide insights into CAMFT’s Strategic Plan. The leadership efforts of CAMFT volunteers at the committee, chapter and board level have culminated in the success of our 2019-2024 plan. The achievement of many key outcomes earlier than anticipated provided an opportunity to identify our roadmap for the next 2 years, and with that our 2023-2024 strategic plan was born. CAMFT’s Board of Directors adopted the new 2023-24 Strategic Plan on December 3rd. The new plan is rooted in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and focuses on advocacy, increasing membership value, and enhancing the organization's understanding of technology within the profession. Key metrics have been identified to accomplish by December 2024.

Event is for Members Only. No CE hours.