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Your Dream Private Practice: How to Have More Ease, More Time Off, and More Profit

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Course Description:
Many private practitioners think the only answer to increasing income is more clients. But it takes more than marketing and good clinical work to have a financially viable practice. This workshop will offer a model for approaching your practice as a small business and you are the CEO. This presentation will explore how to:
  • Manage the 5 roles of the therapy business CEO: visionary, marketer, CFO, Operations Manager and clinician.
  • Develop policies and procedures to reduce effort, make sound business decisions, and become more profitable.
The program goal is to help the private practitioner understand that it takes more than marketing and good clinical work to succeed as a small business owner. The program will acquaint the participant with the 5 roles of the therapy business owner: clinician, marketer, visionary, CFO, and operations director. Best practices in each role will be discussed. The participant will walk away with some concrete, “next step,” actions to improve the financial, operational and time management of their therapy business so they can be more at ease in their CEO role.

Credit Hours:

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