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Treating a Cross-Cultural Step-Family in Distress Over Zoom


Zoom or other internet platforms can supply a medium to bring couples, adult children and grandchildren back together after a multi-generational, cross-cultural, step-family rupture. The Transformative Couples Therapy™ (TCT) method will be featured via excerpts of captioned video of clinical sessions to demonstrate how emotional suffering, situational depression and loss can actually help to soften defenses to open motivational pathways toward lasting transformative outcomes. Power Point will give theory and practice of how the TCT method can be used to bring new cross-cultural awareness into the foreground to increase peaceful understanding and merciful alternatives to continued conduction of generational trauma.

After completion of the presentation the attendees will be able to:

  1. Identify three ways to build a secure base in treatment 
  2. Name two ways to regulate dorsal vagal response in each couple member 
  3. List two methods to regulate angry reactivity 
  4. Name three of the seven channels of experience.


  • David Mars, PhD, MFT

    David Mars, PhD is the Director of the Center for Transformative Therapy. In 2007 he developed Transformative Couples Therapy™ (TCT). Since 1974, Dr. Mars has been developing innovative techniques of integrating the body into couples therapy to deepen the relationally attuned experience of couples in evolving their relationships. He has taught Authentic Movement for eighteen years, having trained and consulted with Janet Adler, Ph.D. for over a decade. Dr. Mars has also cultivated a deep awareness of the expressions of the heart, breathing, muscles, and nervous system through the learning gained from two decades of integrating biofeedback into couple treatment and individual therapy. For eleven years he was a faculty member at the AEDP Institute and was the developer of AEDP for Couples. All of his work is now based in the Center for Transformative Therapy. He leads Webinars, Core Trainings and supervision groups nationally and internationally on TCT and the Seven Channels of Experience.

May 8, 2021
Sat 9:00 AM PDT

Duration 1H 0M

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