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Prelicense 12 CE Hours to Retake the L&E Exam

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Course Description:
Registered Associate MFTs must take the California MFT Law and Ethics Exam at least once during each renewal period until successfully passing the exam. Associates who do not pass the Law and Ethics Exam prior to their registration's expiration date must complete 12 hours in California Law and Ethics before they are allowed to retake the Law and Ethics Exam during the next renewal period.The 12 hours must be taken through a continuing education provider, a county, state, or other governmental entity, or a college or university. Associates who fail to take the 12-hour coursework will not be able to retake the Law and Ethics Exam in the next renewal period.

Credit Hours:
Up to 12 Hours

CAMFT offers a special bundle for Prelicensees for 12 hours of coursework presented by CAMFT Staff Attorneys that will help you meet this requirement:
  • The CAMFT Code of Ethics: Everything You Need to Know - Part 1 (3 hours)
  • The CAMFT Code of Ethics: Everything You Need to Know - Part 2 (3 hours)
  • Law & Ethics Critical Legal and Ethical Requirements (1.5 hours)
  • Law & Ethics Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (1.5 hours)
  • What is the Point of Writing Progress Notes? (1.5 hours)
  • Deposition Do’s & Don'ts (1.5 hours)
Get all 12 hours for $120 Prelicense Members / $150 Prelicense Non-members
The user acknowledges that the workshops, handouts, and related course materials contained therein are intended for educational purposes only, and should not be considered to be legal advice or a substitute for legal or clinical consultation. These presentations address issues that are multi-faceted, and the user should not assume that the courses discuss every law, regulation, or ethical code that may be relevant to the subject matter. Legal and ethical standards are subject to change and it is always prudent to check to see whether a particular law, regulation, or ethical standard may have changed.

Refunds/Cancellations: CAMFT does not offer refunds for On-Demand Library purchases.