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The Apprehensive Approach Towards the New Immigrants' Mental Health Needs and Challenges (When the Dream Turns into a Nightmare)

Workshop Description:
This course will explore the apprehensive approach on how the mental health stakeholders understand and handle the high needs and challenges confronting the new immigrants to the USA, specifically within California. What are the practical ways of distributing mental health resources to these diverse population within every clinician community? The main target of interest is the adults documented and undocumented immigrants, with all their cultural backgrounds, stigmas, and beliefs about mental health. The course will cover the emotional, relational, social, and legal impact of untreated immigrants who suffer and in need of mental health immediate care and interventions.

The main goal of the workshop, to establish a new vision and clinical approach, from awareness to apprehensive interventions, to provide the clinicians the different directions on how clinicians get involved directly and indirectly, with the vulnerable current state of access to mental health for the new immigrants the documented and/or the undocumented immigrants.

Learning Objectives:
  • Awareness: detailed spotlight, definitions, analysis and facts sheet about on the new immigrant’s population
  • Apprehension: Abide the significance of the tremendous expansion of the mental health services, does not still provide enough services for mental health seekers from new immigrants, to cover their mental health needs and work on their mental health challenges
  • Availability: provide new visions of possible interventions, that we provide the immigrant direct clinical service and indirect mental health services 

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